Ambitious and strong founders raising money from a super-friendly, smart and terrific investor - Begin Capital.

series Tagline:

“Let’s get it started”

series Tagline:

“Let’s get it started”


Ambitious and strong founders raising money from a super-friendly, smart and terrific investor - Begin Capital.

Season 1

Investment Focus:


Software, SaaS, Foodtech, AI, Marketplaces, Cybersecurity, Retail Tech, DaaS (Please note that this show is mind-bending, witty, super exciting and 18+)


c. 20 Emotional and thrilling episodes with a budget of around $1M per episode. But sometimes we are ready to buy an amateur video camera and shoot a short trailer with a small budget ($100k-$200k) or invest up to $3M in a blockbuster with lots of visual effects


Casting is open. We are looking for new Pirates, Winners and Robots from all backgrounds, genders and walks of life


We're not the producers who believe that a catchy plot and huge media interest leads to success. Verified, tested hypotheses and greatest professionals in the cast – that's all we want to see

Fundraise Up is a US-based SaaS solution for charity organizations. The company helps non-profits across the globe to significantly increase online donations revenue.

Naduvi is a European outlet furniture marketplace. Offering a wide range of interior design products Naduvi consolidates the highly fragmented furniture and décor e-commerce landscape.

Mercaux is a B2B SaaS startup that helps retailers deliver superior omnichannel customer experiences by bringing the best of digital and physical retail together. The next generation digital store platform.

Vamstar is a SaaS-enabled healthcare procurement marketplace with enhanced search and analytical capabilities. With a help of AI and data processing tech Vamstar supports commercial strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and hospitals.

Bulbshare is a customer intelligence SaaS platform that brings brands closer to their customers by building interactive customer communities. Bulbshare harness the power of real people sharing their experiences and interests to make unique consumer-brand bond.

Motley is a UK jewelry brand that partners with talented artisans across the world to create bold and original jewelry collections. Motley takes care of production removing the up-front costs independent designers face alone.

If your pitch looks like a long and exciting novel - send it to Alex, and if it's a short story with numbers - to Ruslan.

P.S. If your project is from the field of cryptocurrencies, ICO, tokens, etc. then we will be happy to study it in detail at:

If your pitch looks like a long and exciting novel — send it to Alex, and if it's a short story full of numbers — to Ruslan.

P.S. If your project is from the field of cryptocurrencies, ICO, tokens, etc. then we will be happy to study it in detail at:




Collaboration between VC and business angels

In September Pitchbook published an insightful research on the role of angel investments in the startup ecosystem. It is quite clear from the research that not only business angels are essential for early stage financing, but they also make a positive contribution to the long-term startup success. The probability to raise follow-on rounds appears to be materially higher for companies whose first investment came from angels. Probability of raising a follow-on round or reaching M&A/IPO Such a significant difference is impressive but might be not intuitively obvious. I have two hypotheses somehow explaining this fact: At early stages a syndicate of strong business angels could be more helpful. Angels usually have a strong professional background and can help startup with necessary first customer introductions. Even more than that, sometimes angels play such an active role in operational processes that they are hardly different from co-founders Startups that decide to skip business angel round and raise more funding from VCs at the start, usually end up with higher post money valuation. This puts more pressure on a startup’s performance and leaves less flexibility to make pivots. While the role of business angels is important and well known, surprisingly, I haven’t observed an active collaboration between angels and VCs. Business angels actively collaborate with each other: form angel networks and syndicates, network together through events and web chats


Letter from the co-founder

There is no doubt that inequality destabilises societies. Significant inequality in the distribution of capital is a bad thing, but what’s even worse is inequality of opportunities. My father was born in the USSR in 1948. A very talented young man who was hugely motivated to acquire knowledge and skilled in the exact sciences, he was unable to enter a good university as there was a quota (1-2 persons per faculty) for students of a Jewish background. But this did not prevent him from achieving success and becoming a well-known scientist, a Doctor of Engineering, teaching at the best universities and managing scientific projects of nationwide significance. In the 1970s, for instance, he supervised the preparation of one of the first Soviet computers for the Chess Olympiad versus an American computer. What does my family history have to do with a venture capital fund? A venture capital fund will never replace a founder, a leader, a team. Funds don’t create products, technology, brands. But we’re capable of helping talents, buying time and creating a level playing field. My father achieved success in spite of the difficulties and limitations, but I’m convinced that, if he had enjoyed equal opportunities with other talented people, he would have attained better results and his career would have developed at a faster pace. We live in the year 2020 but, unfortunately, the world is still full of stereotypes and limitations, which don’t allow many talented people to develop their business in the extent due. I really hate it when all people in a specific country are thought of negatively in terms of stereotypes, or depending on the actions of one or the other political leader or citizen. We have created Begin Capital in order to help Pirates, Winners and Robots to fly from Point A to Point B by air, not by foot, having spent a lot on overcoming barriers that are of no use to anyone. We are ready to invest in founders from all backgrounds, genders and walks of life.

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Season 1